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Welcome to our 'English to Tigrinya Transliteration Tool,' an easy-to-use free service that converts English text to Tigrinya script. Tigrinya is a Semitic language spoken by the Tigrinya people in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Tigrinya Transliteration Tool changes English text into Tigrinya script while keeping the sound of the words the same.

It's really helpful for those who can speak Tigrinya but find it hard to write. With its user-friendly interface, simply type your English text and get the Tigrinya equivalent text or alphabets. Try these tool to transliterate English text, sentences, numbers, and even alphabets to Tigrinya script today!

English to Tigrinya Transliteration

This table demonstrates the transliteration of English phrases and Tigrinya sentences written in Latin script into Tigrinya script. It serves as a resource for linguists, language learners, and others interested in phonetic representations. The selected sentences showcase everyday conversational phrases, aiding in understanding pronunciation and script differences between English and Tigrinya.

English / Tigrinya (Latin Script) Tigrinya Transliteration
Hello, how are you? ሰላም፡ ከመይ ኣሎኻ?
Good morning ሰላም ብዛዕባ
What is your name? ስምኻ ምን ይብል?
Thank you very much ኣመስግናኻ
I need help ርድኢት ኣሎኒ
selam, kemey aloka? ሰላም፡ ከመይ ኣሎኻ?
sebhat lekulu ሰብሓት ለኹሉ
smka min yibl? ስምኻ ምን ይብል?
amesgenalo ኣመስግናሎ
rdet aloni ርድኢት ኣሎኒ
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