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Welcome to our 'English to Thai Transliteration Tool,' an easy-to-use free service that converts English text to Thai script. Thai, or Siamese, is a Tai-Kadai language spoken by approximately 20 million people in Thailand. Thai Transliteration Tool changes English text into Thai script while keeping the sound of the words the same.

It's really helpful for those who can speak Thai but find it hard to write. With its user-friendly interface, simply type your English text and get the Thai equivalent text or alphabets. Try these tool to transliterate English text, sentences, numbers, and even alphabets to Thai script today!

English to Thai Transliteration

This table provides a comprehensive example of transliterating English phrases into Thai script. It's an invaluable resource for linguists, language learners, and anyone interested in the script differences between English and Thai. By focusing on everyday conversational phrases, the table aids in understanding how English phrases are represented in Thai script, maintaining their original English pronunciation. This transliteration showcases the phonetic and scriptural nuances distinct to each language.

English / Thai in Latin Script Thai Transliteration
Hello, how are you? เฮลโล, เฮา อา ยู?
Thank you very much. แทงค์ ยู เวอรี่ มัช.
What is your name? วอท อีส ยัวร์ เนม?
I am learning Thai. ไอ แอม เลิร์นนิง ไทย.
Good morning. กู๊ด มอร์นิ่ง.
Where is the bathroom? แวร์ อีส เดอะ บาธรูม?
Sawasdee (Hello) สวัสดี
Aroy (Delicious) อร่อย
Khorb Khun (Thank you) ขอบคุณ
Chai (Yes) ใช่

Discover our English to Thai Script Transliterator, the perfect tool for linguists, language learners, and enthusiasts. Effortlessly convert English phrases into Thai script, maintaining authentic pronunciation. Ideal for understanding phonetic script differences and enhancing language learning. Try it now to bridge the gap between English and Thai languages!

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